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Air Conditioning


Whether you are a homeowner looking to cool your rooms or a corporation seeking comfortable working conditions, we guarantee that we can install the system you need, You will soon forget that there are air conditioners there at all, with little noise and positioned out of the way, that last thing on your mind is being hot and bothered! Our units have minimum need for maintenance, and come with a minimum one-year warranty. Regular servicing can be provided to ensure maximum performance. 

We supply only the highest quality products; this is why we have chosen LENNOX, FUJI ELECTRIC, PEAKE & PIONEER as our core suppliers, but we are not limited to these only, as we can also supply other brands to meet your customers' individual needs.   [^ Top]



We supply and install a full range of commercial and industrial refrigeration systems for all environments. We custom build systems for any organization or industrial setting, ensuring that valuable stock is kept at the temperatures required. One of our recent accomplishments in the food processing industry us the instillation of the entire processing, packing and storage areas at Chickmont Foods Ltd. Our suppliers have been carefully chosen and relationships built with world-class manufacturers such as Coldmatic, Russell International, Bitzer and Heatcraft. We offer cutting edge technology direct from Europe, Asia and America at the lowest price available. 

We work hard to source products and parts at the lowest cost available on the global market, and then pass the benefit on to you through guaranteeing the lowest price in Barbados.  [^ Top]



Once your system has been installed, RTEK will continue to prioritize your needs for after sales service. Our services include:

  • Service Department: In the unlikely event of system troubles, our dedicated team of trained service technicians will be on hand to resolve the problem, no-hassle, no-stress, no-sweat! We service and repair any brand of equipment, just give us a call.
  • Free Site Inspections & Quotations: no job is too small or too large for us, our trained engineers and technicians ensure that the job is done right the first time, every time. Call us with your needs and we will arrange a site inspection and provide a free quotation.
  • Service Contracts: If you already have a system, whether it was installed by us or not, it is important that it receives a service on a regular basis. This ensures that the units remain clean and operate efficiently. Regular servicing also reduces the need for replacement and the likelihood of breakdowns. Let us arrange a service contract to suit your needs and we will give you a reduced rate on your servicing.
  • Fully Stocked Parts Department: Our parts department carries a wide-range of industry parts in addition to other hardware accessories such as sealant, oil, insulation and copper/pvc fittings. The department is situated at the Ridge Plantation where walk-in customers are always welcome.  [^ Top]

Energy Efficient & Environmentally-Friendly Products

We understand that our customers want reduced energy bills and a healthy living environment. That's why we offer a range of products to complement our air conditioners, these products work to save you energy costs by increasing equipment efficiency and also work to promote a healthy environment. They include:

  • Air-Curtains: Installed over doorways to minimize the impact of external air entering a building.
  • Voltage Monitors & Protectors: Minimizes the amount of electricity consumed by the units, therefore saving on energy bills.
  • Infra-Red Sensors: Detects body heat and automatically shuts units off when persons exit a room.
  • Pitre Ductboard: Unique foam based-aluminum coated duct board, eliminates health risks of sheet metal and fiberglass duct. This product can also be painted and used for other purposes (e.g. office partitions).  [^ Top]


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