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Lennox Industries Inc. is a premium manufacturer of residential and commercial heating and air conditioning equipment and related products. It is recognized as the leader in high-efficiency comfort conditioning and is the oldest of the Lennox International companies. Lennox traces its roots back to 1895 when Dave Lennox designed the first riveted steel furnace in Marshalltown, IA. Lennox moved its corporate headquarters to Dallas in 1978 and today manufactured at three North America sites with distribution and sales offices throughout the United States and Canada. Lennox markets its products via one-step distribution, directly to its network of 6,000 independent dealers.

Whether you're an architect, an engineer or a building owner, you can be sure Lennox leads the way in comfort technology. Of course, they offer a lot of easy-to-use information that can help make your job easier. Lennox builds according to an ISO 9002 registered quality system, and back their products with some of the best warranties in the industry. With a manufacturing and engineering commitment to excellence like theirs, it is no wonder you can expect the very best from Lennox.

Lennox Commercial Packaged Systems combine heating and cooling abilities into a single, convenient package. The highly configurable L-Series and value-oriented 16 Series provide systems suitable for just about any application. View Products [^ Top]


RTEK have been agents for Peake equipment since 1991. In existence for 50 years, Peake have built a world-class manufacturing facility in Trinidad; their strength in the marketplace has been built on the philosophies of Quality, Flexibility and Vision. Quality is the responsibility of their in-house team of over 40 engineers; whist flexibility has allowed them to produce over 150 different products with the shortest possible lead times.

Peake's commercial equipment is supplied with Carlyle or Copland compressors, the latter being the largest manufacturer in the world. Their electrical components such as fan motors, transformers and contactors are all made in the USA.

They can also boast the development and use of unique processes that significantly improve product durability. Air pollution and salt spray can rapidly corrode unprotected aluminum finned condenser coils, leading to reduced efficiency, unsightly surface conditions and possible equipment failure. With PeakeŽ Tropicalised Coil treatments, you can deter the harmful effects of the environment by matching the level or protection required to the operating ambient, while at the same time achieving the most cost effective solution for each application.

Peake treat their condenser coils with the chemical treatment Heresite. The Heresite coating will withstand exposure to practically all corrosive and chemical fumes, as well as resist attack from most cleaning agents. The flexibility and corrosion resistance of this treatment greatly increases the survival life of the coil in highly contaminated and corrosive environments.

Peake are also the largest engineering firm in the Caribbean specializing in Chill-Water Air-conditioning and have installed systems in numerous locations spanning the Caribbean, including the Barbados Hilton. View Products [^ Top]


Parker-Davis HVAC Systems, Inc. is a multi-national firm, involved in the manufacturing and International distribution of environmental control apparatus. Their product range is one of the widest in the industry, covering: mini- and multi- split type ductless split systems, duct type central split and package type equipment, commercial refrigeration and HVAC parts and components for the OEM industry. Main manufacturing operation is handled at two separate factories, fully owned and operated by the group -- one located in Miami Florida USA and another in Bangkok, Thailand. Also, a full-scale plastic manufacturing plant is a part of our group companies, where most of the plastic parts (such as blowers, fans and ductless unit casings) are manufactured. In these facilities, they employ a total of over 225 full-time engineers, business support and manufacturing personnel. 

Their product line is divided into 4 major categories:

  • Ductless Split Systems: These state of the art systems are available in cooling only, heat pump, cooling with electric heat and chilled water versions. One to one and multi split types are manufactured in capacities up to 10 TR. Indoor units can be selected from a wide variety of models being: high wall, floor console, ceiling suspended, ceiling concealed, cassette and floor standing. In multi-split models, up to five of these different indoor unit models can be combined into a single system for dependent zones.
  • Duct Type Split and Package Equipment: conventional duct type systems are available in split or package versions, in capacities up to 50 TR. Both models are available as cooling only, heat pump and cooling with other types of heating such as hot water, steam and gas/oil fired. All air handling units of the split systems are supplied as convertible models and can be installed as vertical or horizontal. Package units are available for horizontal or down-flow applications.
  • Refrigeration Systems: All products used in cold storage or freezer construction are available in a variety of models and versions. This line being highly technical and job specific, Miami office maintains a specific department for handling the refrigeration product line.
  • OEM Support:  Besides supplying all above mentioned product groups under their private label to various renowned OEM manufacturers in CBU form, we also supply the entire line in CKD or SKD form for various assembly facilities throughout the world. All components used in any HVAC-R system are available through our system. Our concentration area is in the plastic components, electronic modules, heat exchangers and sheet metal parts. View Products [^ Top]


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